Pure Glow Media opened its doors in 2007. Back then Leona Lewis was number 1 with 'Bleeding Love', China's first lunar satellite, Chang'e 1 went into orbit and Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. We're over the moon to say we outlived Gordon's premiership, the satellite crashed into the lunar surface in 2009, and Leona is due to tour with Gary Barlow in 2021.

Thomas Faull of Pure Glow MediaDesign graduate Thomas Faull is the driving force behind Pure Glow Media and provides a personal service on all jobs. Additional staff are brought in on a project basis and we work with a number of regular designers, programmers and printers.

As we celebrated our 14 year anniversary in 2021 and look to the future, Pure Glow Media is more focused than ever on our key skills of graphic design, creative photography, travel and tourism publishing and helping our clients build their businesses.

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